Landlord FAQ

As a landlord, you have probably heard numerous nightmare stories about tenants that have raised concerns as you rent your own property.  As you set expectations for your tenants and/or create policies for your property, it is important to understand the lay of the land so-to-speak.  Here is a list of common landlord questions we encounter, […]

The Dreaded Drug Lab

A primary reason regularly cited by property owners seeking professional management for their property is the risk of extreme tenant abuse of their property. Among these possible abuses is the dreaded drug lab. According to the Oregon Department of Public Health, over half of drug lab properties discovered are on rental properties, and property owners are […]

Holiday Decorating

Holiday decorating is festive and fun, and as a landlord, it can be very refreshing to see a tenant taking pride in their home and decorating.  However, as with anything else, there are dangers and risk involved with these activities. If installed properly, holiday decorations can be a lovely way to enjoy one’s home during […]